Sarah Benken

The Founder

The powerhouse and visionary behind metro’s other woman®, Sarah focuses her time on building relationships related to brand development and oversees all of the expansion opportunities.  She is highly engaged in give-back and her mission of helping women succeed.  Sarah has created the lifestyle that she has always wanted and is committed to helping others do the same.


  1. She’s created something from nothing, literally. Sarah has took a brand new concept of on-demand labor and packaged it to be sold nationally.  She was the first to ever do so in the industry.

  2. An innovator at heart, Sarah is the type of person that comes up with solutions in an instance. No problem is ever too big for her tackling.

  3. As a power negotiator and natural born bootstrapper, Sarah has developed several programs that allow for low-cost (or no-cost) marketing opportunities, which have significantly impacted sales initiatives and are applicable to all locations. 

  4. Sarah has received a number of accolades related to her work with metro’s other woman® including: the highly-sought after 40 Under Forty Award, Best Places to Work Award for her flagship location, Mom of the Week, Faces of Raleigh, and a slew of others. She’s also been featured in several print and online publications and most recently named as a featured speaker at Phoenix Start Up Week.  

Michael Foushee Jr., JD.

Legal Einstein

Michael knows law. As our legal guru, he offers a plethora of knowledge surrounding this scary topic. Michael does it all from having his hand at writing processes and contracts to reviewing agreements.  He is also well-versed in business development and gives incredible advice.  And while his role has changed over the years, he has always played a big role on the development team.



  1. A former athlete with the Cardiac Pack of North Carolina State University, our Legal Einstein has been blessed with the opportunity to display his talents for the fanatics of the Arena Football league.

  2. Once Michael retired his cleats, he entered corporate America, becoming a mortgage financing expert, crunching #’s to help clients fulfill their American dream of owning a home.

  3. Though the seeds had been barely planted, Michael jumped all in to join forces with Founder, Sarah to build the beginnings of the metro’s other woman® Enterprise. Michael has helped the brand grow strong roots with a futurist approach both locally and nationally. 

  4. Inspired by the speedy success of metro’s other woman® and entrepreneurship, Michael determined the group needed an official legal mind, and so reduced his role with the company to triumph through the trenches of law school and the BAR exam. 

Mary Cantando

The Genius

Mary, a.k.a our fairy godmother, is our secret weapon.  Mary brings incredible value and insight into the creation of sales and marketing strategies and overall brand building.  Her experience and knowledge is unparallel to any other.  We are beyond lucky to have her as our mentor!


  1. An entrepreneurial executive for 25+ years, Mary has built, expanded, and sold multimillion-dollar businesses—including one with 14 locations across the US and Canada.

  2. Mary is an internationally recognized expert on entrepreneurs and has been featured in publications from O, The Oprah Magazine to The Wall Street Journal; and has been interviewed on hundreds of radio and TV shows.

  3. As an Envoy of the US State Department, Mary travels to developing countries to help women start and grow businesses.

  4. Mary has keynoted conferences with as many as 6,000 attendees and has written seven books on the subject of starting and growing a business.

Liz Williamson

The Prodigy

Liz is a force to be reckoned with.  Having virtually no sales or business management experience, Liz has built a killer operation that is both respected and trusted in the Wilmington metro.    Liz has recently expanded her role as a Lead Trainer and Mentor for newbies and can’t wait to share some of her secret sauce!


  1. In 2016, Liz grew her location’s annual revenue by 500%!  This was only her 2nd year in business.

  2. Spearheading many of the marketing programs used at metro’s other woman®, Liz has become a star player in assisting with the development of sales and marketing strategies.

  3. She is a human sponge! She soaks in everything and uses it all to run her operations and inspire her team. 

  4. Liz lives and breathes fashion, is always willing to try something new, and she is a certified cross-fit trainer.  

Taylor Gladden

The Sidekick

Taylor brings organizational balance to the entire operation.  She spends most of her time behind the scenes and can be found communicating with partners, vendors, prospective clients, and new location owners.  She is our ‘make it happen’ girl!


  1. Always 2 steps ahead, Taylor completes sentences, has it finished before it’s asked, and is always down for the challenge.

  2. Taylor is ultra loyal to the cause, gives 200% at all times, and reps the core of the support system.

  3. Betcha didn’t know that she is a pretty good cook too. Join our team and be on the lookout for Pinterest-worthy treats!