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To expand the MOW brand, while giving back to our community

To partner with and mentor aspiring entrepreneurs, enabling them to become successful business owners

The Process. What to Expect.


  • GO TO: to familiarize yourself with our company, service offerings, locations, and latest happenings.

  • REVIEW THE SECTIONHere's What We are Looking For [scroll down] to ensure you are qualified to submit.

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FOR APPLICANTS: Rules for Pitching.  Please read the following.  These details can help you win.


  • STEP 1: Upload all requested information on the Apply page:

    1. Resume

    2. Interest Letter

    3. Paste links to social media handles (Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin)

    4. Insert a link to a 1-2 minute video of yourself telling us why we should pick you (youtube or vimeo link)

The more relevant and complete info you provide, the better your chances of selection. The MOW Development Team will review all submissions. If approved, you’ll receive an email with instructions for Step 2.

  • STEP 2:

  1. Take our Behavior Assessment.

  2. Complete background and credit check.

  3. Verify financial stability.

  4. Submit a list of references.


  • The MOW Development Team will evaluate the information you have provided and select up to eight finalists to pitch. 

  • Selection will be based upon, but not limited to, your letter of interest, video and other information you’ve provided.

THE DEAL: you have to pitch to WIN

The MOW Development Team is partnering with well-known Business Organizations and Universities in local metros to help identify qualified applicants to participate in a 2 Day Pitch-Style competition. 

The winner of the competition will win a Business Opportunity valued at $100,000!

Here's what we are looking for

Think you are the perfect fit? Well then APPLY!! Head over to The Tour page and see if your city is listed. If so, and it has a W.A.B beside it, start compiling your application items NOW! That means we are bringing the W.A.B Program to your metro very soon. *Pay close attention to deadlines and requirements. 


Don’t see your city listed, but interested in an opportunity with metro’s other woman®?​ Drop us a line in the Contact Us section and tell us why you’d be the perfect candidate.


  • Demonstration of leadership experience in some capacity

  • Interest in owning a service-based business and learning through a mentorship program

  • A minimum 3-5 years of work experience in an office setting

  • Located within the target metro and have lived there for at least 2 years

  • Credit Worthy

  • US Citizen

  • Ability to demonstrate that personal expenses can be covered for at least 6-9 months during start up

  • Criminal Background Check



  • Sales experience

  • Supervision / hiring experience

  • Experience working in a service industry

  • Creativity, DIY ability


  • A Can-Do Attitude

  • Outgoing

  • Confident

  • Approachable

  • Service Heart

  • Driven / Competitive

  • Creative

  • Resourceful

  • Solution Oriented / Problem Solver

  • Savvy

Founder, Sarah explains the W.A.B Program 

 Program Highlights:

We get it! Opening a new business is tough.  There can be significant cost considerations and lots of know-how required.  That’s why we are GIVING AWAY a few select

metro’s other woman® locations to lucky and qualified individuals. 


There are no tricks or secrets.  This is real.  And we mean business!  If you think you have what it takes to run a business like metro’s other woman®, keep reading and

watch the video…



  • Individual must meet criteria and successfully pass vetting protocols to be eligible.

  • Individual must complete an 18 month mentorship program. 

  • The mentorship program will involve in-depth training in the areas of sales, marketing, hiring, recruiting, and operations as related to running a successful metro’s other woman® location. 

  • Program participant will work one-on-one with The MOW DevelopmenT team and have access to support as they start and grow the business.

  • Mentee will be coached and enabled to hit benchmarks for annual revenue, retained clients, and staff. 

  • Upon successful completion of the 18-month mentorship program, the program participant will be awarded a 5-year license run the operation of the MOW location. 

  • All earned equity will be transferred to a new LLC that the program participant will own.


  • Judge’s will score you based your overall presentation of the following:

    • ​​​How well did you motivate  The MOW Development Team?

    • How well do you understand the MOW business?

    • Did you  demonstrate your ability to step into the role of MOW Business Owner (personality, experience, coachability, energy level.)

    • How strongly did you convince the judges that you’ve got the creativity, stamina, and know-how  to run this business?



  • Practice before you come!  Test it out on your friends/team.

  • Judges can tell if you’re not fully prepared, and it will show on your score.

  • Participant will have 10 minutes to pitch; use your full time, but don’t go over.

  • Timer starts when you begin; NOT after you play a 10-minute video!

  • Remember, the judges are all business experts. Don't spend your time teaching them academic theories of business, economics, etc.

  • You will receive a two-minute warning to wrap up your presentation.

  • After your 10 minutes, you’ll take a seat and the next applicant will pitch.



  • Have a seat and rest.

  • Check out how others pitch; learn from others.

  • We will take a 30-minute break to select the winner and runner up.

  • After break, winner and runner up will be announced and presented with a conditional offer.

  • Audience will have time for Q&A with the judges.



  • The offer made to the Winner on the day of the event. 

  • If for any reason the Winner does not pass the vetting process, the Runner Up will be offered the business opportunity.

  • Congrats! You've been selected to PITCH!

  • Bring everything you need to be a winner.

  • Be punctual (we suggest earlier then the call time) to allow for last-minute editing or preparation prep.

  • Dress appropriately. Ask yourself, “How would a person who just won a $100K business opportunity dress?”

  • Bring ten copies of presentation materials. 

  • Bring your own computer to allow for last-minute editing and in case our computer does not recognize your USB/file/videos.

Event Day